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Budgeting Services (FREE!)

Lubbock Housing Finance Corporation helps people establish reasonable budgets that will enable them to pay their bills while increasing their long-term personal assets (by saving for education or retirement, buying a home, starting or expanding a small business, etc.).


Interested persons should call 806-744-KEYS

(806-744-5397) for an appointment.



Home Sweet Home: focuses on the process of buying a home.  Some of the topics include: the Pro and Cons of Homeownership, Shopping for the "Best" Loan, and Post - Purchase Maintenance.  This workshop satisfies home buyer education requirements for most Down Payment Assistance Programs.


Increase Your Wealth: focuses on ways to improve finances in order to acquire personal long-term assets (such as a home, a small business, education/training, retirement, etc.).  Attending this workshop may qualify persons who have not been able to open a bank account in the past to do so. 

There is a $5 Materials Fee associated with these workshops. Please bring exact change, check or money order.


To register for workshops and for information on workshop locations, call 806-744-5397.

Income Tax Prep (FREE!)

Lubbock Housing Finance Corporation provides administrative services for the Coalition of Community Assistance Volunteers (CCAV), a non-profit corporation which organizes volunteers trained by the IRS to provide FREE federal income tax preparation services for elderly, low-income, disabled, and non-English speaking persons.


Interested persons should visit;

Budgeting Services
Free Tax Prep

Lubbock Housing Finance Corporation provides various services that promote economic development and encourage the building of long-term assets for individuals and neighborhoods.  Unless otherwise noted, these services are available to persons living in Lubbock and surrounding counties.

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